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Smacks on the Go

Posted by Richard Washington on 6/28/2010
When we select a snack it is usually to hold us over until we reach our destination and enjoy a full meal associates, friends or family. A snack should satisfy our feelings of hunger at the time and hopefully not add too many calories to our waste line or other places. When on the go the snacks available offer little food value and do not actually satisfy our hunger cravings.  Dr Hiskias Keizer, a Dutch researcher specialising in the field, says: “If you can eat things that make you feel full — and feel full on fewer calories — then you eat less, particularly in between meals.” With a beverage we often crave salty snacks and within the range of snacks that satisfy that craving, pork rinds is one of the best. The following table illustrated 6 common snacks on the go and their fullness factor. To compare them I have a serving size of 2 ounces which is more than likely what you would consume in snacking: 

Pork Rinds304018g34g2.4
Potato Chips3062820g4g1.2
Doughnut Stick2232811g6g1.5

The data shows that the fullness factor of pork rinds is higher than any of the other snacks. In addition I am not taking in carbohydrates and I have consumed 34g of protein. I know what you are thinking if I were really concerned about health, I would eat an apple, however, the store where I stopped to purchase gas did not have apples. In fact if they did I would not have the discipline to just eat an apple..From the real world perspective, I would probably stop with 1 - 1 7/8oz bag of puffed pork rinds which would contain almost 2 cups. The doughnut stick is out since most packs contain 2 sticks and I would feel compelled to eat them both resulting in 446 calories. It would be tough to stop at 2oz of potato chips or peanuts. The next best snack for me would be the popcorn where again I would probably stop with one bag. A lot of factors enter into a healthier choice and one key one for me is to limit the opportunity to over consume. Hence a full bag of pork rinds or popcorn would offer the perception of volume, the highest fullness factor and result in the consumption of fewest calories as I travel. 

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 Smacks on the Go

 June 2010